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Sunday, 9-Mar-2008 22:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Super Darren Haikal's Party! (Episode II)

Playing in the Planet Krypton
The Kids had Blast
With Lotsa Balloons
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(Phew!!! Akhirnya sampai pon kita kat Episode II iaitu Episode yg Penghabisan... Yessszaaa, Berpeluh gak lerrr nak pilih pics yg Best-Best sbb semua pon Best-Best Belaka! Mmg Berbaloi Sgt Hire SuperZubye! She did a Job Very Well Done! Respek Giler tengok Zubye begitu Committed dgn keje dia... Fokus, Tepat, Tajam dan Tangkas mcm Superman! Hehehe... Tengok sajalah Resultnyer!!! Damn S.U.P.E.R.B!!! WELL DONE ZUBYE!!! Keep Up the Good Work k Dearie! Enjoys the rest of the pics!!! *Zassssssssssssssss*)

Ermmm, Apa lagi nak citer dlm episod kali ni ek?! Rasa macam dah lambat giler amek masa nak upload all the pics. Tapi takpe, Better Late Than Never kan?!!! Hehehe... Pelan-Pelan Kayuh gituuu...

For SuperDarren's Bash, We had Games planned that were Age appropriate. We also had white balloons all over the next room, we called 'Planet Krypton'. Hehe... The kids had a blast with games and balloons. Know what?!! Abg edrie even tried to call his fren, Faizal Tahir to make special appearance for SuperDarren's Bash, but too bad he can't make it. If he can, sure Lagi Gempaks Kan?!!! Faizal Tahir kan very well known as Superman Malaysia, Tak Gitu?!!! Sayang, surprise tu tak menjadik... Huhuhu...

To cover that missing Part of the Party, We had convinced Ayah Polin to wear a rented Superman costume. Nasib Baik Dia Sporting Giler! Oh, The look on the Kids' faces when He came in was Priceless! Such a Superb moment for everyone!

Everyone had a great time, aite?!!! I still wonder who had more Fun that nite, Me or The Kids? Hehehe... Can't wait to plan for Next Party! Until we meet again next year (Insya Allah!)... Take Care Frens!

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Super Darren Haikal's Party! (Episode I)

This way to the Party, Please
Nice Balloons Decor
Whoa! Cool Banner huh!
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(Yahooo!!! Official pics from Zubye kini berada di genggaman... Pening gak ler nak pilih yg Best sbb semua pics pon BEST! Memang Kena UP Episode By Episode, Hehe... Zubye did a SUPERB Magical Job! Very Creatively captured! I am more than satisfied with her services, her packages, her warm hospitality and most important is her frenship! Trust me, I will treasure it forever... So, Here We Go! Up, Up, And Away! *Zassssssssssssss*)

For Darren Haikal's FABULOUS-FOUR befday, we had a SUPERMAN PARTY theme. We decorated the place with lotsa white helium balloons, Superman Logo, Banner and Print-Outs. We also had a customized Superman with SuperFriends cake this year, to suit the theme. As I mentioned in separate entry, Darren Haikal is hailed as "The Man of Steel" within Our Family's Comic, He sure Does Faster Than Speeding Bullect, the Reason being chosen for the theme. We had to last-minute notice changed the venue from Starship Galactica in One Utama to Burger King, Mutiara Damansara due to overwhelming response via RSVP to accomodate more pax. Thousand Apologies!

Burger King Whopper Meal
French Fries
Kids Meal Pack
Free flow of Pepsi-Cola

FIND SUPERMAN LOGO ---> JAMES (Candy Mary's Son)
*SUPERHEROES BOY ---> CHARLES (Candy Mary's Son)
(*this result was judged by board-members of my family, chosen based on almost complete attire according to theme of the SUPERMAN/SUPERHEROES party)

Superman Appearance: AYAH POLIN
Emcee Of The Day: WAN ANI
Official Photographer: ZUBYE EOG (sponsor by Mama)
Official Videographer: BAD (courtesy of Mama's Personal Handycam)
Birthday Banner sponsored by Babah
Superman Hampers sponsored by Mama & Wan
Goodie Bags Sponsored by Ibu & Ayah (FIVE2FIVE CREATIVE PRODUCTION)

Dear Friends... Thank you for coming, and making Darren Haikal's birthday bash a SUPER DUPER occassion. It was great fun and U Guys Were SUPERB! Althou U Guys have known me Not More than Few Years... But We clicked Huh?!! Hehehe... I hope U Guys enjoy the games, the food, the cake, the kids, the You, the Me, the Us, the Everything! ...Oh ya, Darren Haikal looove all the Gifts! Until next time we meet, Have a Wonderful Life!

(to be continue in the next episode...)

Sunday, 9-Mar-2008 19:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My 'Man Of Steel' is FOUR!

Private Party Invitation
Super 'Darren Haikal' was born on the planet Earth on March 6th, FOUR years ago... He is hailed as "The Man of Steel" within our family's comic. His personality is rough and aggressive, unconcerned about the harm his strength may cause, tossing villainous characters in such a manner that fatalities would presumably occur, although these were seldom shown explicitly on the surface.

Super Darren can be rather rigid in this trait, causing tensions in super hero community. He is very protective of Earth, and especially of his own family and friends. This, combined with the pressure of using his powers responsibly, has caused Super Darren to feel lonely on Earth, despite his many frens and his family. The arrival of Super Fenriz and Super Armand Ezra who has been confirmed to be not only from the same planet as him, but also is his cousins, has relieved this loneliness somewhat.

As an influential archetype of the superhero genre, Super Darren possesses extraordinary powers, with the character traditionally described as
'Faster than a Speeding Bullet, more Powerful than a Locomotive'. It increasingly difficult to write Super Darren stories in which the character was believably challenged. We just have to wait the Official Photos from the Official Photographer, Zubye soonest possible.

More recent stories have attempted to find a balance between the explanations. Learn what's behind the "Man Of Steel's Comic" concoctions, visit here...
1. raz+hubby=daniel hadif&zafreen dania
2. zubye+hubby=irfan and EOG
3. moon+sutan=sutan iskandar
4. filla+radie=kasih aleeya
5. gee+syed=imelia&imellyn
6. mama+babah=fenriz
7. lela+mokhtar=shasya and hotmama blog
8. mai+zaimi=syasya arina
9. shikin-arisha&ariana

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In the Making of Cinta Si Rama-Rama

manisnyer senyumanmu...
hehehe, tayyen & talish...
haa, muka notty nak serang studio daddy...
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Music videos revolutionized the music industry in the early 80’s with the explosion of MTV and VH-1 making their broad stroke on the cable scene. Most bands made their careers entirely based on the quality and visuals that accompanied their music. More importantly, a music video allows the musician to more capably express their vision and meaning behind a particular song. With more and more musicians coming into the new revolution of desktop audio and video production, it can be safely assumed that a new musical revolution is just beginning...

this entry gives a quick demonstration of the making of a music video of "Cinta Si Rama-Rama" by Edrie Hashim featuring Hattan... In this exclusive video clip, We take u to a musical journey of 'behind the scenes' experience...

Happy viewing!

(Talking about the work behind the art of video making, huh? Well, EOG's awesome pics shows! It sure does a real experience and opportunity for Zubye to challenge her own ability in a different fields. We're just giving her the space, and let her do the rest... Thats what frens are for rite? It took a great photographer to capture a great photographs in such a great way of their own. So, Let it shine bright!!! *hugs*)

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Classic B&W Moments

Naper menung jer tu?
Diskas jgn tak diskas
Fenriz melekat dgn Babah
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I looove 'Classic Black & White' style of photography...
Black and White moments not only gives pictures of a classic and timeless quality, it adds a touch of class ...It be a Precious Family Memory!

I simply love looking for those important defining moments that speak volumes and tell the real story... As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Life is like a good black and white photograph...
There's black, There's white, and Lots of Shades in between!
~ Mama

(*credit to KC for the elegant B&W moments!)

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